Mike Walters Micro Casket

Mike Walters of MysteryCircuits.com has just sent me pics of his latest project: The Micro Casket. Packed with guts from Musical Birthday cards this thing looks and sounds fantastic. In particular I dig the sprocket knob and the vintage amber light. More important however is the fact that this is a Birthday gift for Mike’s friend, which brings up a good point. With the Holiday season just around the corner, why not make your special friend a nice circuit bent toy, rather than dropping cold cash on something at the Mall. Personally I think that handmade gifts are especially significant because the look on that person’s face when you say, “Hey, I made this for you.” is just priceless. Or for a fellow bender get them an SK-1 or Speak and Spell that they’ve been dying to bend. Thanks Mike. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkFqtwlxv_g[/youtube]