Monthly circuit bending workshop in Chicago

Today, October 16th Sunday at the Peter Jones Gallery will be held a Circuit Bending workshop. I can’t possibly think of a better thing to do on a Sunday. Anyone is welcome to attend. Link and info below.
This statement was taken from the site:

Our capitalist culture are often regards people only as consumers. We have been convinced that we lack the ability to accomplish even the simplest of electronic tasks. “If it’s broken you must buy a new one.”

Circuit bending helps to break down this mind control. It innocently empowers people to make repairs to their own equipment. And it gently frees them from the perception that everything in their lives must be purchased. It also cuts down on waste.

Many “broken” toys found in the garbage only need a minor repair. A dab of solder and the thing works again. Another dab of solder and the thing takes on a whole new life as a unique instrument and, at times, a work of art.

It’s very satisfying.