More good from China and eBay

My second batch or parts is in and a lot quicker then the first I must say. This time we have lots and lots of: Delay chips, knobs, jacks, and 9volt connectors. Brilliant! The knobs that I’ve ordered are for split shaft pots, and for those who have no idea what that is take a look at the second item in the second image. There is an actual cut down the middle of the shaft. All of my pots are not split shaft, so I decided to try modding one to see if it could become one. Indeed they work great, and if my cut was straiter it would’ve been a perfect jobber. The last image is something that I was particularly proud of. A 10 pound box of switches attatched to 3.5mm switching headphone jacks aquired through eBay for $4.75. Ah yes. For those interested a reader pointed out to me that there is a huge box of resistors for sale on eBay in Canada, currently sitting at $13 US. Another reader expressed their conserns about the quality of the Chinese parts. So far I can’t really give a good review, but they all seem sturdy and in perfect working order. I also think that most of the catalogs get parts from China anyways so cutting out the middle-man is always a plus for the consumer.