New Gieskes Sequencer

that’s right! From the team that brought you the Nintendo Barbie mod and various Tape sequencers comes another great design. The Sequencer o5 is a module based system with 3 modules. One is tape module, second one is a 555 oscillator based synth, and the third is a stylo keyboard. The difference between this sequencer and previous ones is the fact that instead of controlling LSDJ from the sequencer, the team switched to controlling the clock speed of the sequencer from the LSDJ. This I’m sure is a more stable way to do the syncing of sound effects with GameBoy sounds. From the looks of it I’d say that its an 8 step sequencer, as far as parameters go. The schematics are also available for free along with some sound samples. Personally I am a big fan of the board layouts and the plexi-glass cover on the stylo keyboard is ace! Very good job indeed.