New LTC1799 Precision Clock Modules

We are proud to announce that the highly popular LTC 1799 Precision Clock module now features a professionally made circuit board with extra options. Up until now most circuit boards from GetLoFi were made by hand in our workshop. The process is time consuming, but quite economical with good results however it was a recent issue with the LTC module boards that highlighted a need for a change. The latest PCB stock boards I was using ended up being defective and allowed for the copper traces to be easily lifted off the board once the heat was applied during the soldering process of connecting the boards. It was discouraging to see all the work that went into making these boards suddenly be wasted all because of cheap base material. Orders were delayed and some customers needed replacements, so with these quality improvements the new boards will be available from now on.

Big advantage of the new circuit board is the addition of the drilled and plated holes for mounting of wires as well as adding the board to the potentiometer. Another requested feature is the ability to change the range of the LTC frequency operation. The default is to set the middle pin of the Gnd and leave the multiplier at x1, to expand the range a center-off ( ON-OFF-ON) switch can be added to allow all ranges for selection. As far as the installation and documentation goes this is the only new feature with extra wiring because the pad locations for all basic connections are still the same.

All of the modules now come with a 10K trim resistor, which will prevent crashing in most cases. This can also be made adjustable by either replacing it with a 10K potentiometer or wiring up parallel resistors to divide the value. Over the course of next few weeks the documentation pages will be updated as needed. Thank you.