The blog is comming along nice. I added a few links and some cool ebay search features. Anytime anyone needs to check a price on SK-1s or Concertmates, they can just follow the auction links. I’ll add some other relevant links soon as well.

I went to the Rockwell Surplus Store at noon today. They didn’t have much, but I knew what I was looking for. I scored 14 toggle switches for 1$. Plus I got some audio connectors and sweet ass lightbulbs. They had a few things to make patch bays out of, so maybe next week I’ll consider getting some of those connectors.

I did manage to get a Concertmate 400 ( Casio SK-5 ) from ebay tonite. $13 plus $12 shipping, so 25 total, which isnt bad, considering the keyboard is in MINT shape with a box, and a Realistic gig bag. Can’t wait to start bending that one. I think I’ll use an external switch box for that, considering an abundance of those at the RSS.

By the way, here is a link of a person who played at the Nexus, called The Engeneer.