Nov 20th 2005 DooDah Parade

If you happen to be in California that day I would suggest that you show your Bending spirit at the DooDah Parade as part of the HPTEGSCBMB. Last year the march was a great success as seen in this video from the Circuit Bending Documentary. However the whole day was not fun and games. A fire erupted at the house of Jeff Boynton destroying everything. Since then Jeff has moved on and is planning on participating this year as well. Fires are bad, so please make sure you always unplug and turn off everything when you are done, even battery powered stuff. In Jeff’s case it was a lamp shorting out, of all things, which caused him much grief and incomprehensible amount of damage.
I’d love to go, but it would cost about $300 not including hotel and transportation, maybe next year. I guess there is really nothing stopping anyone from dressing up and marching through the streets with circuit bent gear anywhere at any time, so please go and make the world a better place. [ For more information on fires please read the Benders Group thread. ]