Opto Electronic circuits and projects

Forest M. Mims III is definitely a pro when it comes to building circuits. With over 60 technical books under his belt I’m very surprised that this guy never considered building synths. The straitforward math and examples present in his books are more less basic building blocks of a modular synth. Granted it is true that his schematics are not always accurate and his books are not always all original, rather compilations of stuff found in his other books. Still Forest is the man to break it down! Just so you all can see what I’m talking about check out some of his books available through Amazon. Now I don’t want to seem like a link pusher BUT you can actually look at Schematics for FREE! When you preview the books on Amazon. Above are some books right up the synth building alley. I also recommend the Op-amp book, however I can’t seem to locate it on Amazon. Usually Radio Shacks have some left over in the Clearance section. Enjoy.