Keyboard Synth

Another new Mod.

Kids piano/drum kit modified with an oscilator and touch contacts for mixing of the signals. Works pretty well. The optical theremin sensors are not the greatest, however they do work. Makes good UFO/Lazer wobbles and gritty synth noises. I did manage sampling this keyboard through my tube amp and a filter box, the results were very good.


The initial images of the Kawasaki Mega Chords are now avaliable. The guitar turned out to be the most gawd awful sounding instrument I have modified to date. Its not that its bad by any means, its just very rough, choppy, and distorted. Perfect for anyone looking to annoy the hell out of somebody else. The cool feature is the audio-in jack for processing any external source with the internal fuzz/distortion circuitry.

Before Photo

After the mods and a paint job.

Audio will be avaliable soon. I played with it for a few minutes and it sounded pretty cool, lots of possibilities.

Two shows and CNC

The two shows went great. Videos will be posted on the Solid State Memory website very soon. As far as the projects go, everything is schedruled to be rampled up and put into the high gear.
The CNC machine is getting finished slowly. Last nite we finished the controller and played with the steppers controlling the axis. The script was rewritten and the process resulted in smoother rotation. The new controller is soldered together and not just breadboarded. Makes things nicer, not so many cables getting unplugged.

The main assembly.

The controller . Status LEDs make it fun to watch.

No posts this week.

Solid State Memory is having a gig tonite. So we’ve been busy getting ready. Also the Grinnell New Media conference is wednesday and thursday. I did have some progress with my projects including a CNC machine. Pictures will be up very soon.

Addicted to blogging.

Yes infact it seems like RSS has taken the better of alot of people.
I for instance can’t stop reading posts and resort to use of aggregators for all my sites. is pretty nice I recommend it.
On a circuit bending note, I still deciding of whether to merge my blogs. It seems like one is more eBay item review oriented, and this one is more for my personal instrument creations. maybe the separation will continue in this manner.

Link added for my review blog.

CBCR on the internet

I just found a post about my blog in another site here is the comment
“Also, you should check out Circuit Bending Cedar Rapids, a cool blog about circuit bending, one of my hobbies. Of course, this guy seems to be much more prolific and skilled at it than I am. Of course, it’s also kind of out of date. But still some stuff worth looking at.”

Wow, prolific and skilled, I appreciate that very much. Kind of makes me happy that atleast somebody out there find my information useful. Very glad to hear that.

I am guilty however about being “out of date” that is gonna change very soon here.
Speaking of that I am thinking about merging my circuit bent info with this site and continuing on with just CBCR. It seems to be ranked pretty high on google.
A new keyboard that I worked on..

Casio PT-100 Part 2

Anyways for a short while I was uing the website for doing ebay sample hosting and pitem pages. Anyways that project is going to be integrated into the CBCR site and from that here is a link to the Casio PT-100 build that I was asked a question about.

OMG, I’m sorry for not posting anything for so long.

There will be quite a few posts comming up tonite and in days to come.
Basicaly the features that I’m looking to add would be new builds and reviews of eBay listings benders group postings and also Livejournal. Things that I realy dont like about those places is that 90% of stuff on there is junk! Silly questions and poor builds. Anyways. Here is a pic of a build that I’ve completed a while back. Some dude in Australia bought it offa me for only $100 thats including shipping. IT was a great sounding build, but oh well. There will be others.

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