The blog is comming along nice. I added a few links and some cool ebay search features. Anytime anyone needs to check a price on SK-1s or Concertmates, they can just follow the auction links. I’ll add some other relevant links soon as well.

I went to the Rockwell Surplus Store at noon today. They didn’t have much, but I knew what I was looking for. I scored 14 toggle switches for 1$. Plus I got some audio connectors and sweet ass lightbulbs. They had a few things to make patch bays out of, so maybe next week I’ll consider getting some of those connectors.

I did manage to get a Concertmate 400 ( Casio SK-5 ) from ebay tonite. $13 plus $12 shipping, so 25 total, which isnt bad, considering the keyboard is in MINT shape with a box, and a Realistic gig bag. Can’t wait to start bending that one. I think I’ll use an external switch box for that, considering an abundance of those at the RSS.

By the way, here is a link of a person who played at the Nexus, called The Engeneer.

First post.

Welcome to the circuit bending blog for Cedar Rapids Iowa, I noticed that there are atleast 2 other people who are interested in this scene and live in Iowa. Of course I will do my best to get them aware of this blog, and have them involved in representing the local circuit benders. Comments are open to anyone, no need to register. Circuit bending comments only though. I’ll try and post related links when I can. Please contact me at with any comments or requests. Thanks. –Alex

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