Parallel Interface First shots

Rehouses Playskool Drum ToyParallel port Break out boxdscn5850sized.jpg
The efforts on the simple parallel inteface are coming along great, everything is working as previously thought it would. The interface itself features a breakout box with a boltbay for patching of trigger pulses to the sound modules. My first sound module is a Playskool Drum Toy with some very nice drum samples that are triggered by shorting the contacts to the ground connection, making it perfect for this application. The circuit board was removed from the toy and re-housed in a second hand display case of sorts from Goodwill. The side of the box contains boltbay connections for each drum sound and the pitch resistor of the toy for patching to the potentiometer added as a feature to the interface box. More work needs to be done to the sequencer software like being able to adjust the tempo and the number of notes in the pattern, also maybe some sort of a saving feature. For now however this is a working prototype that I will demo at Bend and teach people how to build something similar to it.
Entire Rig Parallel Interface, Laptop with Software, and the Drum module
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