Phil Archer devices

Water on Yamaha Circuit Bending
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Printer Circuit Bent Modified
Going though my email I found a long ago correspondence with Phil Archer and a link to his website. His works have been shown in publications like the Nic Collins Hand Made Electronic Music Book and also as parts of Exhibitions. Some of his methods I find interesting. Like the prepared Printer, much like John Cages’ prepared Piano, an old Deskjet can be turned into a percussion instrument without any advanced programming. Simply by removing the steppers and attaching them to objects, then just send the document to print and listen. He also uses hand crank generators to power circuit bent devices mounted in varnished boxes, making it a very engaging experience for the participants. The most radical idea however is probably the water dripping onto an exposed Yamaha Synth circuit board. Nice sounds are produced and the devices apparently don’t fry for a while. Something to definatelly consider.