Power Tour Guitar and Amp on Clearance



The Hasbro Power Tour Guitar appears to be on sale for an unbelievable price of $13.98, that’s down from $70 original retail, at my local Target store. Online it appears as sold out, however the shelves were brimming with this awesome instrument. The Power Tour Amp was also on sale for $10.38, perfect for workbench or portable entertainment.

The Guitar itself is a fairly amazing instrument, it features light up touch sensitive frets and strum area. Powered by a microcontroller with crystal oscillator these can be pitched down using a 555 timer circuit. There are about 8 different guitar sounds to choose from and even unmodified its hours of fun. Sounds are stored on a Flash board with lots of posibilities for glitching, however it does tend to crash fairly often.

Recently I modified one of these for a friend by adding a pitch control and a built-in Yada Yada Yada Sampler, the photos will be up shortly. Good luck.