Properboy a.p.c.’s Custom Painted by Laura Bennett

by Steve

I feel that the devices that we use in the studio should be visually as well as sonically pleasing. It was with this idea in mind that I recently commissioned artist Laura Bennett (she paints all the Zvex pedals), to paint some enclosures for properboy. As you can see they came out fantastic with layer upon layer of textured paint. Laura even numbered, dated, and signed each on the back plate. When they are not powered up the LED seems to disappear in the sea of colour. There is a voltage input on the side to interface with CV equipment. Each is built with a getlofi pcb, as well as a vintage spec Sozo mustard capacitor and some recycled/re-purposed components. From the 4 made we will be selling three (one stays in my studio). Details can be found at