Recasing your circuit bent gear

Barkona Rova Circuit Bent Device Tomas Green 2006

Tomas E. Green the creator of Franklinator has posted some very neat looking new instruments to his Barkona Rova website. The Caution Box and the CPX both contain black blob circuits pulled from various toys then modified with output jacks, potentiometers, and toggle switches. The Caution Box also has a vintage vacuum tube being back lit when the circuit is in use, very nice touch. The CPX recase is also very well done, especially with what appears to be two heavy vintage stereo tuner knobs. The wooden box was originally a gift box for a wallet later picked up at a thrift store for a $1. I too often snag those if I see them, certainly hell of a lot cheaper then crappy plastic enclosures and a lot more classy with some sanding, staining, and a touch of clear coat. The opto resistor is hidden in the case just above the hinges. Nice work inside and outside, for more info along with descriptions and sound samples please visit Barkona Rova’s circuit bending section. Thanks to Tom for sharing these.

Caution Box Sound Sample

The “CPX” Sound Sample

Barkona Rova Tomas E. Green 2006 CPX Circuit Bending Device

Barkona Rova Tomas E. Green 2006 Circuit Bent Device Inside ShotBarkona Rova Circuit Bent Device Inside Shot Tomas Green 2006Barkona Rova Tomas E. Green 2006 Circuit Bent CPX Device