Reed Ghazala’s Radiopool Thereglyph

Reed Ghazala‘s newest creation called the Radiopool Thereglyph combines circuit bending with Theremin likeĀ  radio wave interaction. Exact principles at work here are still wrapped in mystery, but I’m sure not for long. Very interesting sounds and inspiring aesthetic as always!


Reed Ghazala – “Made from a dinosaur game, the Thereglyph can be played as either standard bent instrument or a RF device. Two body-contacts and a blue envelope pilot are at the left; red logic pilot, antenna, RF plate and speaker switch are seen at the right.

The beautiful symbols, or “glyphs,” are printed switches originally hidden by the dinosaur graphic that covered the center of the instrument. Such graphics are often intriguing. Exposing these not-meant-to-be-seen images seems complimentary to overall design. What better switchboard could there be to initiate not-meant-to-be-heard sounds?”

More information and images here.