Roth Mobot to open OFFF in Paris


by Creme DeMentia

Chicago circuit-bending duo Roth Mobot — Patrick McCarthy and Tommy Stephenson– are set to open the *sold out* 2010 OFFF (International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture) in Paris, France on Thursday, June 24.   US Circuit Benders Casper Electronics and Bleep Labs are also set to perform Friday and Saturday, respectively.  A table of circuit-bent performance (see Nerdferences) show-times and full event schedule are available at the OFFF website, although it won’t do you much good if you don’t already have your ticket.

Roth Mobot left Tuesday for Paris and have hopefully arrived safely, so if you don’t have your ticket to see them, perhaps you can track them down.  Although the OFFF is paying for their airfare and stay, they are not paying to ship Roth Mobot’s gear or feed them; you can help defer their cost to play by clicking the Paypal donation button at their website.   When I talked to Patrick last, it sounded as though they were going to stay a couple extra days on both sides of the festival, seeing the sights and padding the Rolodex;  let’s hope they brought their camera as well, I’m sure all of us on this side of the Atlantic are anxious to see pictures and hear a full report!

* Update * Photos from the Event!

Flickr Gallery Link by Roth Mobot.