Ruin Projects

This morning Phil at Ruin Projects informed me of an update to his site. More descriptions, samples, and images have been posted in his project section. His collection of patchbay-joystick control gear is rather nice including a TR-626 and an SK-1. The samples are fresh and my favorite thing to do is simply download them or ones like it and slice them with Recycle or other audio software. These audio snippets can then be imported into Reason as individual drum or sampler sounds. There is plenty of circuit bent mp3s to go around if you don’t have the time to bend yourself. If you are into whacked out glitch music, I suggest you go that route. One thing to always remember however is giving the creators proper credit. Don’t just rip stuff off, but then again this is the Internet where everything is supposed to be free.

Silly me. Here is the link: