4093 Quad Oscillator Kit




The GetLoFi Quad Oscillator Kit is based on the 4093 Logic IC configured to create four independent oscillators controlled by knobs. The resulting sound can vary from rhythmic beeping to polyphonic drones.

NOTE: Step 7 use included 100 ohm resistor instead of 1K.



Price: $35

Please order the Quad Oscillator Kit from the www.getlofi.com/shop



From the GetLoFi.com/shop you can also purchase an acrylic panel that is laser cut and fits perfectly inside of a Radio Shack Medium box enclosure.

If you have a some sheet metal or an Hammond type enclosure then you should be able to use this Drill template to make all of the potentiometer controls line up. Note that this design includes a hole for the Tone knob and DC jacks, which are not part of this kit, but can be added separately.

Vinyl cutouts are a great way to decorate and identify your device. Be gentle with sliding the knobs to the potentiometers, its possible to press them too close to the case and loose some of the smooth rotation action. Do not force or glue these knobs down.

User Builds:

Quad Oscillator User Builds

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