555 Timer Kit

The 555 Module can be used as an LFO or a Tone Generator in a circuit of your choice. All parts included to make one circuit within minutes. No messing around.

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Assembly Video:


Included Diagram:



Make sure all the parts are included: 555 IC, Circuit Board, 500K Potentiometer, 1K Resistor, 1uF Capacitor, and wire.


Prepare the parts by bending the 555’s legs in half and cutting legs short on other components. The circuit board will need solder blobs to hold the components in place.

555_3.JPGMount the IC first, observing the Pin 1 with the Dot. It should go next to the GND symbol and look like so.


The resistor and the capacitor can now be mounted. Be sure that the capacitor – stripe is facing towards the edge of the board, next to the GND symbol. Resistor can be mounted however.


The potentiometer can be mounted on the circuit board or extended via two wires. Note that the center pin must be connected.


The power wires can now be connected. The board can be powered on a wide range of voltages from +3 volts to +30. However the output will be close to the input DC, in some cases a resistor will be required to lower the current or a switching NPN transistor for triggering a Ground Signal.


Finally the output wires can be connected. Main Squarewave output is located on Pin 3 of the IC directly to the left of the Positive Voltage wire. There is also a very low Triangle wave output on Pin 2.

Example Circuits will be posted soon.

User Demos:

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dxdlnt9qJPI[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUtkFGrv4dQ[/youtube]

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