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Please Note: Creme DeMentia is a GetLoFi affiliate, but merchandise ships from a different location than other GetLoFi products and must be ordered and paid for separately. Every Bottle-Cap Contact Microphone is unique, Austin will choose your color based on availability. Six-Packs will not necessarily match, depending on stock. If you want a matching Six-Pack, please specify in your Paypal Payment Instructions, Austin will do his best to respond and accomodate based on supply, there may be a wait.

Contact for questions and information regarding placed orders of Creme DeMentia Bottle-Cap Contact Microphones. Order below through PayPal.

Items from Creme Dementia:

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Creme DeMentia Bending Buddy: Never circuit bend alone again with our new Bending Buddy patchable body contacts! Attach one of the clip leads to your circuit, hold the body contacts in one hand and probe with the other lead! $7 + Shipping

Bending Buddy Kit

To fully assemble the kit, you will need a hot glue gun/glue sticks and a soldering iron/solder.  Also helpful are a hobby knife, needle-nose pliers, and tool-handle dip. Included in the kit are assembly instructions, a piezo-electric disc, a 1/4″ phone jack, a length of shielded wire, 3 zip ties and pre-drilled soda-caps for housing.
Video: here
$10 + S/H & ( Tax in Illinois )

Creme DeMentia EconoMICs: A more economic version of our popular Creme DeMentia Bottle-Cap contact microphones. Simpler plastic construction with a lower price-tag. $15 + Shipping

Creme DeMentia EconoMIC Six Pack: $60

Creme DeMentia Original Bottle-Cap Contact Microphones: Our popular piezoelectric contact microphones housed inside plastic and metal bottle-caps. Ready to plug onto the end of a standard guitar cable for immediate use. Many styles and varieties, our choice, please. $20 + Shipping

Original Creme DeMentia Bottle-Cap Contact Microphone Six Pack: $90.00

Please Note these are shipped by Creme Dementia a GetLoFi affiliate.

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