LTC1799 Precision Oscillator

GetLoFi LTC1799 Module Precision Clock Oscillator

The Precision Oscillator is made with the LTC 1799 chip to provide ultra stable clock frequencies from 1Khz to about 30Mhz. The LTC Module can be used to control the speed of all digital circuits, thus providing speed adjust-ability for many toys and devices otherwise un-bendable. Only 3 wires to connect; +5 Volts for power, Ground, and the output wire directly to one side of the clock crystal on the device. These boards are individually tested. Printed Instructions included with each order. Hand-made in USA.

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LTC 1799 Precision Clock Kit
LTC 1799 Kit includes: LTC Module, 250K Potentiometer, Kynar Wire, Knob, Switch. Works with GameBoy
Price: $13.99

LTC1799 Module
Features NEW PCB. Easy to connect Digital Clock module. Tested.
Price: $9.99


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Tested and Found to work great on:

Casio: SK-1, SK-5, SK-100, VA-10, CTK-330, RZ-1, SA-10

Yamaha: SHS-10, VSS-30, QY-10, PSS-20

Nintendo: GameBoy Grey, Color

Zoom: 505 EFX, 508 Digital Delay

Korg: Kaossilator, KP-Mini, ER-1, EA-1

MiJam Mini Toys


Behringer V-Amp, Yamaha RX-17 ( High Pitched Noise )

Example videos:

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