Silver shiny things.

Dynamo Genesis informed me of an interesting DIY synth and some FX creations that he listed recently. This 5 module synth box looks very neatly built with a nice circuit board layout. Utilizing the 8038 waveform generator and some OP-Amps for filtering. Unfortunately he did not include a sample with the auction because the synth does not have a power supply to run it yet. One lucky bidder whom also enjoys shopping for other shiny things purchased this device for a tune of $500. A few other devices are still available to snag including a Ring Modulator, a Vocoder. One thing to note is the panel layout. Simple and clean cut. I know for fact that most of my time goes to designing controls and features with very little time to build. Thinking things up seems to be the hardest part nowadays with all the cheap ICs and parts.