SleepDrone 3

The people that brought us the Awesome SK-1 and the previous sleepdrone are back in the game with this Quad oscillator opto-theremin device. It does sound kind of cool especially through the “Ring Modulated” output. My favorite is the inside shot of the box. As some of you can see those switches, chickenheads, and possibly jacks, are from same from the HongKongSuperSeller, so to answer everyone’s question the they do work. I like the perfboard on wood design, something that I am working with as well. However the biggest problem is be the fact that those wires can very easily become frayed and snap off from opening and closing too much. My suggestion would be to use a shit-ton of Hot glue on everything inside to secure that stuff in place. Sure it will not be as pretty, but it will last. A ribbon cable could do the trick also. Props on the case though, cigar boxes are readily available and they have more character then the plain, black boxes, although not as rugged. Hope it sells well for these DIY Synth builders.
Sound link and ebay Link.