Spunkytoofers Dark Age Tone Generator

by Spunkytoofers

Circuit bent Yamaha mu5 multi-timbral synth with circuit bent MIDI interface by Spunkytoofers.  MIDI circuitry by highlyliquid. Precision LTC1799 oscillators by getlofi.

For more information: Spunkytoofers website

In the video below a 24 point patchbay is freely routed to manual control or midi. Circuit bent wavesequencing is controlled via midi from the dsi evolver. The evolver is used to send evolving sequences and is only used for control information of the midi interface. All sounds from the dark age tone generator is played via onboard interface.


The link below plays an mp3 of the dark age tone generator. MU5 + Evolver mixed/played live via midi wind controller. recorded direct, no processing.  Solo mu5 at 2:45

dave smith evolver and circuit bent yamaha mu5