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Good news and more good news!

The demand for products in the has been continuously increasing to the point where it is harder and harder for one person to keep up on the business side while continuing to Blog about the news. Infrequent updates create a great disservice to our wonderful readers, followers, supporters, and contributors. Not to mention all the faithful lofi DIY community members who are eager to share their projects. With this in-mind and undoubtedly inspired by the Boing Boing Submitterator, we bring you an opportunity to Share your information, insight, and events with the community without having to send me an email.

This magical portal of the future is located on the page. Please give your post a title and type as much as you want in the content box. You can also include Youtube video links, upload images ( which will be converted to Thumbnails ), and links to your events, music, etc. Please note that all posts are subject to approval from moderators and at first there maybe glitches in the process, however this is a good place to start.

Without further ado lets hear from YOU!