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DO NOT BEND TWO – Free Music Friday!

Circuit Bending Compilation Do Not Bend Two

By Rodney Clark

This is a follow up to a release Tiger Claw Records put out in 2007 as a physical CD. The release was called DO NOT BEND, which featured:

Toy Death, Ben Presto, Igloo Martian, Circo Bazooko, Life As Number Five, Spunky Toofers, Andy Ben & Dr. Rek, XDUGEF, Slugg City, Rot Wylder, Creme DeMentia, The Sk5, D. Forma, Igor Amokian, Steve Glitch, Int_Routine, James Anderson, and Zef Renirhs

DO NOT BEND TWO has a lot to live up to, but it certainly will not disappoint! Originally the album was scheduled to be released under the title “Egomaniac” but I was convinced to change it by Igloo Martian. He thought it would be best if I stuck to the traditional theme of putting a bent theme on things. So I decided to go with a follow up to an old release. Who doesn’t love a follow up? I mean…I can’t get enough of the Jason’s series of films 🙂 All kidding aside, I thought it would be cool to do. It has some serious backing…with true potential for a timeless trilogy in the making! All the tracks on here are instant, Circuit Bent classics with NO EXCEPTIONS!

The contributing Artist on Do Not Bend Two are Spunky Toofers/Susan Matthews, Igor Amokian, Igloo Martian, Wrongbot, All Over the Where, life as number five, LCDD, Bitcrusher, Denki Poo, Potar, Circo Bazooko, The Bureau of Nonstandards, mhcrispo, Neonworm, and StruKtur

I’d go back and replay each track as I added a new one to the folder, and it seemed to grow on it’s own, I just kept adding tracks and it kept adding a bigger place in my heart. It starts out with a familiar name in the bent community collaborating with a friend who doesn’t bend, and builds from there. Quite good I must say. Anyway…I’ll let you get to it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been.

DO NOT BEND TWO – Revenge of the Bender – Download ZIP