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Free Music Friday Presents…The 201 Files


by Rodney

I was recently sent this file, asking me to add this CD to the Free Music Friday library. The only information I have is from their Myspace page. I could gather that they are a couple of circuit benders whom have gone undercover as spies calling themselves The 201 Files. They seem to be communicating intelligence findings threw these tracks. I found it very refreshing and jazz/bent like. It definitely has a cool mix of spy films and all the action to match.

The 201 Files Album Download

Free Music Friday – Circo Bazooko


6EQUJ5 is a collaboration project between Circo Bazooko and Giorgio “Jure” Zuliani and Liviano Mos from Jennifer Gentle. The recording is an improvised live session recorded from one single jam between the group. It was all done in Trieste, Italy where the guys are all from. The CD contains 26 tracks all recorded and then mixed at MOS Records at Matonia Studios Ltd. while produced by Not Any. 6EQUJ5 requests that you read the insert to truly understand the quality of their recording…or lack of. Any way you look at it…it all comes out to be a very great sounding self released CD, that they hope you will enjoy.

6EQUJ5 – Download Album

Free Music Friday presents…97701

97701 is a simple compilation with a complex underside. 97701 is not just some random number, pulled from a monkey’s underside. 97701 is the zip-code for a town in the state of Oregon (USA)…that oddly enough is named Bend. So it was only fitting to name this weeks release after an obscure town, that only has the coolest name ever! This week we welcome Henrique Iwao from Sao Paulo Brazil! This is the first time Henrique has been on one of these Free Music Friday releases. He makes an amazing entrance onto things with his track titled “nihil obstat – fafa#sol”. You might also be speculating over this weeks sleeve art. You might have been right if you guessed that Int_routine did another bang up job on this weeks art work. This is the second piece of art Jason has submitted for the compilation series. Now please…go and enjoy this crazy good compilation, it’s free!

97701 – Download Zip

“The Definition of Bent”…As Defined by Free Music Friday


by Rodney

The definition of “Bent” sure has changed a lot for me in the past few years. I guess rather than me tell you what I think it means, I’d rather have you listen to the latest compilation, curated by Tiger Claw Records for Free Music Friday. I think after a good listen and a tall glass of milk, you’ll have no trouble coming up with your own definition of “Bent”. This time around the compilation series for Getlofi has brought us several new artist to share their definition of “Bent”. We are happy to have The 201 Files, univac, 10KoneKt, PlayBoy’s Bend, and Bumcivilian for the first time on a compilation. As well the release features some favorites like Bitcrusher, Bureau of Nonstandards, life as number five, Igor Amokian, StuKtur, Dr. Rek, Roth Mobot, Igloo Martian, Talking Computron, and Wrongbot. So you can pretty much some up that this release has serious definition of the word “Bent”. This release also features a new artist doing the cover design for the first time in Tiger Claw’s existence. Jason from Int_Routine was gracious enough to design the layout for the release. A very unique technique was used by Jason to create the sleeve of the CD. He used a camera he modified by circuit bending a mini USB keychain camera. Jason says “I think it was about 10 bucks at Fleet Farm. All I did was short a couple of connections on the circuit board. I didn’t add any switches, potentiometers, etc. I didn’t even solder the connections, just taped them down with scotch tape. I was out in the field without access to a soldering iron, so I just pieced it together with what I had available at the time. It was guerrilla bending.” He also mentioned he did the same thing to a webcam but it caused his laptop to crash. You might remember Jason had an installation at Bentfest MPLS last year, where his work was shown using this technique. So this album is close to being 100% bent sort of speak. Now if I can just figure out how to short circuit the printer and paper I use to print the sleeve we might have something here. Enjoy!

The Definition of Bent – Download Zip