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Tomorrow, in a Year. The Knife, Mount Sims, and Planningtorock

The Knife and Mount Sims are my favorite electronic artists, so it was insane to hear that they collaborated on Tomorrow, in a Year project with another artist Planningtorock. The music was commissioned by a Danish Theater group for an Opera based on Charles Darwin’s “Origin of the Species”. Tracks evolve much like the life on earth from simple, yet surprisingly experimental and packed full of wonderful low frequencies. To complex orchestral compositions with pounding drum machines you’d expect from Mount Sims and heavy synth lines characteristic of The Knife. Great listening experience with a capable sound sound system or nice headphones. This treasure trove of sounds is completely free for listening online. More information: Here
Entire Album:
Tomorrow, In A Year by Rabid Records
Collaborators explain the writing process:

Free Music Friday Presents…Songs That Start With The Letter A


by Rodney

Here’s another great comp with 7 tracks of circuit bent fury! Maybe even a couple benders you have yet to hear! It’s a net-release curated by Tiger Claw Records. The theme here was to get the artist to create or supply a song that started with the letter A for it’s song title. It was a tough one because unless you had a song already written…to inspire a song just because it needed a tittle that started with A might have gotten in the way of true creative will. Never the less…I give you for your Free Music Friday listening pleasure a highly experimental album dubbed, Songs That Start With The Letter A.

Download – Songs that start with the letter A