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Igloo Martian/The Koobaatoo Asparagus Split


Yet another release from Igloo Martian , this time pairing up with The Koobaatoo Asparagus from San Diego, California. Combined they give us one heck of a bent split that’s so hot you can fry an egg on it! The download includes a cover with some crazy great artwork. This album is also available through Igloo and Koobaatoo in a hard copy as it was attended for release. But with all this technology we got going, they were cool with letting it out as a Free Music Friday release as well. Lucky us because these two guys are rocking hard with the bends and one shouldn’t miss out on any of this! I also believe this is Koobaatoo’s first bent release. So that’s a pretty big moment in any artist life. I’m glad to help spread the word! Enjoy!

Download – Album Zip.

IGLOO MARTIAN – The Mechanical Saviour … Free Music Friday

Igloo Martian Mechanical Saviour Circuit Bending album

by: Rodney Clark

Here is a double disc release from Igloo Martian that came out very late in 2008. It’s being rumored if there was an experimental category in the Grammy Music Awards, this would have taken “Circuit Bent Album of the Year”. There seems almost two sides of Igloo Martian, the sounds from the studio and the live improve sets he’s known for, where he annihilated your eardrums with hardcore noise blast of experimentation. Igloo Martian hails from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, where he’s played in a hardcore punk band, dishing out grind vocals for INVID with younger brother (life as number five.) on dueling vocals, and a one time front-man for a Madison, Wisconsin band called Master Killer, which was crusty all over, back in the mid 90’s as a young teen. I guess that is where he gets his live stage show state of mind. I guess I would have to tag what he gives us as “circuit bent, electronic, experimental fused punk, with a hint of genius. You’ll find this album a more relaxed, beat driven release, much like his second recording “Hard Work is Tedious”. This new album also features a track with Igor Amokian. Igor is a familiar collaboration partner of Igloo Martian…you might recall a couple of years ago they released a split CD together on Tiger Claw Records. Overall…I love this album and recommend the download, which includes a cut-out CD sleeve with track titles, and cover art! So sit back relax and get lost inside the Self Released recording with twisting sounds that tale of “The Mechanical Saviour“.

Album Download WMA – Zip

Album Download Mp3 – Zip

But thats not all…

Also feel free to check out ::vtol::‘s debut release Static. ::vtol:: is a Russian circuit bending artist and his bent and DIY instruments can be further explored on his website. Great work. More information here.

vtol static

Download Here.

Warning Earthlings!

The second gathering of experimental and circuit bending musicians at Madison’s Klinic Bar (520 S. Park St.) is set for this Friday, the 28th of March 2008. The festivities will showcase 6 artists performing for about half an hour during each set. This time around Madison will be taken over by hostile forces…promising to bring an “Out of this world” experience. Visitors include Master Component, featuring Tommy Stephenson of Chicago’s Roth Mobot and his good buddy Willie Nelson on brain scambling guitar. Also beaming in for a visit is Talking Computron (IC, IA), Igloo Martian (LaCrosse,WI), life as number five (Madison,WI), SteveGlitch (Stevens Point, WI), and Albino Ghost Monkey (Rice Lake,WI). The show will kick off @ 10pm and will cost only $5, admission to 18 and over 21+ to drink.