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DIY Modular Sequencer Circuit Examples

by SailorMouth

So you have amassed a pile of circuit bent toys. What are you going to do with them now? Each creation has its own control interface — pitch knob, distortion and glitch switches, body contacts, and/or LDRs — and of course, the buttons to bring the noise. Naturally, though, you can only play so many toys at one time. Enter the modular sequencer, which will assist in making some sense of balancing control.

I chose to approach this project from the view of low-cost DIY because I have more time than money. With my time, I have been able to learn new things, which have grown to their own new ideas. I have kept the cost of working through new designs low, spending as much on components as I would for bending a piece, anyway. I am on my fifth sequencer design, and through all of them, the adapter interface to the bent toys has stayed the same. It is simple and expandable. It can work on basic 2 wire buttons and matrix buttons. The toys all have the same connection method, but the control circuits have changed from step to programmable to various pseudo random designs.

I will break this down to prepping the toy, adapter interface, control circuit, and some of what can be done. This will get somewhat technical, but it can be done with patience and rereading confusing parts. I’m also happy to answer questions. All though I refer to toys this can be applied to instruments, sound circuits you build, or anything with buttons that make sounds.
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