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Tapetronic gets funky

by Mike Una

For real guys, check out the work of Alexis Malbert, aka Tapetronic. Just look at his website- you can’t deny the power. This gentleman has destroyed more tape decks than you have ever considered buying at the thrift store. View these videos, and feel the rise of your own urge to create tape-mangling monstrosities:


You may note the use of a rotary phone as a rhythmic gate- that’s a technique that Tim Kaiser gets a lot of use out of. It very nicely mimics the motion of scratching on a turntable, even if the sound isn’t the same. Here’s a nice high-energy live performance withs ome of these devices:


Also, you need to check out this animated music video. It’s off the hook:


Based on the Tapetronic myspace page, he’s got a good number of shows coming up in France. Any French benders reading this GetLoFi? Give us a shout-out in the comments.

(found via Today and Tomorrow)