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Free Music Friday Presents…Do Not Bend III


Do Not bend III is the latest release in the “Do Not Bend” series of compilations from Tiger Claw Records. This release brings new artistry to the soldering table. Featuring for the first time on a Tiger Claw release…Maxbender.

It also brings an assortment of staples that inject us with plenty of Vitamin A for Awesomeness. And if you can’t get enough Vitamin A from Do Not Bend, Igloo Martian has a link to his newest fifth release “Disintegrated or Cross My Fingers While I Sleep” and if that’s still not enough…TOO BAD! 🙂 You’ll have to wait until next week, where we will feature the much anticipated 6EQUJ5 release staring Circo Bazooko and featuring Giorgio “Jure” Zuliani and Liviano Mos from the Italian band Jennifer Gentle. It’s a collaboration project featuring 26 tracks of pure “VITAMIN A”.]

Do Not Bend III-Album Download

“The Definition of Bent”…As Defined by Free Music Friday


by Rodney

The definition of “Bent” sure has changed a lot for me in the past few years. I guess rather than me tell you what I think it means, I’d rather have you listen to the latest compilation, curated by Tiger Claw Records for Free Music Friday. I think after a good listen and a tall glass of milk, you’ll have no trouble coming up with your own definition of “Bent”. This time around the compilation series for Getlofi has brought us several new artist to share their definition of “Bent”. We are happy to have The 201 Files, univac, 10KoneKt, PlayBoy’s Bend, and Bumcivilian for the first time on a compilation. As well the release features some favorites like Bitcrusher, Bureau of Nonstandards, life as number five, Igor Amokian, StuKtur, Dr. Rek, Roth Mobot, Igloo Martian, Talking Computron, and Wrongbot. So you can pretty much some up that this release has serious definition of the word “Bent”. This release also features a new artist doing the cover design for the first time in Tiger Claw’s existence. Jason from Int_Routine was gracious enough to design the layout for the release. A very unique technique was used by Jason to create the sleeve of the CD. He used a camera he modified by circuit bending a mini USB keychain camera. Jason says “I think it was about 10 bucks at Fleet Farm. All I did was short a couple of connections on the circuit board. I didn’t add any switches, potentiometers, etc. I didn’t even solder the connections, just taped them down with scotch tape. I was out in the field without access to a soldering iron, so I just pieced it together with what I had available at the time. It was guerrilla bending.” He also mentioned he did the same thing to a webcam but it caused his laptop to crash. You might remember Jason had an installation at Bentfest MPLS last year, where his work was shown using this technique. So this album is close to being 100% bent sort of speak. Now if I can just figure out how to short circuit the printer and paper I use to print the sleeve we might have something here. Enjoy!

The Definition of Bent – Download Zip

Free music Friday presents…BENT OUT OF SHAPE


Another commanding compilation for Friday’s Free Music Download! This time around we managed to collar two new artists for the comp. Well…they aren’t exactly new to bending, but to the compilation series, I believe this is their first appearance. We welcome veteran Circuit Bending artist’s and Chicago natives, Roth Mobot, along with our South American amigo Pan&Tone from Brazil! They combine tracks with 8 other artist, making BENT OUT OF SHAPE an album you might not be able to maintain existence without!


Free Music Friday Presents…Power Hungry


Power hungry is pure rage from the underworld. 12 fully loaded tracks that pump out the juice like a crushed grape!  Crazy circuit bent sounds and chaos from all angles of the globe! It’s the 4th release curated by Tiger Claw Records since it went all digital two months ago. It also has five artists that have never before released on any of the Tiger Claw compilations! Power Hungry – An Experimental Circuit Bent Compilation – Download

DO NOT BEND TWO – Free Music Friday!

Circuit Bending Compilation Do Not Bend Two

By Rodney Clark

This is a follow up to a release Tiger Claw Records put out in 2007 as a physical CD. The release was called DO NOT BEND, which featured:

Toy Death, Ben Presto, Igloo Martian, Circo Bazooko, Life As Number Five, Spunky Toofers, Andy Ben & Dr. Rek, XDUGEF, Slugg City, Rot Wylder, Creme DeMentia, The Sk5, D. Forma, Igor Amokian, Steve Glitch, Int_Routine, James Anderson, and Zef Renirhs

DO NOT BEND TWO has a lot to live up to, but it certainly will not disappoint! Originally the album was scheduled to be released under the title “Egomaniac” but I was convinced to change it by Igloo Martian. He thought it would be best if I stuck to the traditional theme of putting a bent theme on things. So I decided to go with a follow up to an old release. Who doesn’t love a follow up? I mean…I can’t get enough of the Jason’s series of films 🙂 All kidding aside, I thought it would be cool to do. It has some serious backing…with true potential for a timeless trilogy in the making! All the tracks on here are instant, Circuit Bent classics with NO EXCEPTIONS!

The contributing Artist on Do Not Bend Two are Spunky Toofers/Susan Matthews, Igor Amokian, Igloo Martian, Wrongbot, All Over the Where, life as number five, LCDD, Bitcrusher, Denki Poo, Potar, Circo Bazooko, The Bureau of Nonstandards, mhcrispo, Neonworm, and StruKtur

I’d go back and replay each track as I added a new one to the folder, and it seemed to grow on it’s own, I just kept adding tracks and it kept adding a bigger place in my heart. It starts out with a familiar name in the bent community collaborating with a friend who doesn’t bend, and builds from there. Quite good I must say. Anyway…I’ll let you get to it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been.

DO NOT BEND TWO – Revenge of the Bender – Download ZIP

Free Music Friday Presents…Songs That Start With The Letter A


by Rodney

Here’s another great comp with 7 tracks of circuit bent fury! Maybe even a couple benders you have yet to hear! It’s a net-release curated by Tiger Claw Records. The theme here was to get the artist to create or supply a song that started with the letter A for it’s song title. It was a tough one because unless you had a song already written…to inspire a song just because it needed a tittle that started with A might have gotten in the way of true creative will. Never the less…I give you for your Free Music Friday listening pleasure a highly experimental album dubbed, Songs That Start With The Letter A.

Download – Songs that start with the letter A