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Free Flashlight from Harbor Freight

Cosmicblooper points out this Harbor Freight deal on a Free LED flashlight. The future will look bright especially when playing dark noise shows, controlling your Opto Theremin, or biking safely with this badboy zip-tied to the handlebars. The offer is valid for a while. Go to this page for a link to the print out.

Some of you may know Harbor Freight as a very cheap direct from China tool supplier with crazy sales. Their stores can be found in many cities across USA. Most of their tools are “Economical” to say the least, however some things they can’t screw up, like a nice set of Neodymium magnets and Glue Dot Runner for only $2. A great deal of GetLoFi creations have been made with the HF tools at some point, but use YOUR best judgement, especially with their power tools. All that said praise be on HF for making tools accessible to people with not a lot of money, exactly the type of thing needed to encourage more handcrafting and self sustainability. Don’t forget that Thrift Stores and Pawn Shops also typically have a hardware section with various second hand tools to help you forge a better tomorrow.