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USB Soldering Iron now in the GetLoFi.com/Shop


The New USB Precision Soldering Irons have finally arrived in the GetLoFi.com/Shop. Some may remember my previous attempt in making a USB soldering Iron from a battery powered Weller. Unlike that hack, this tool is professionally: made, packaged, tested, and comes with all the accessories needed to start soldering. Its been my dream to be able to work freely without dependence on a power outlet or a bulky extension cord, now this dream can be a reality for anyone with a laptop or a rechargeable USB battery pack.


With Surface mount components and miniaturization of electronics this soldering Iron is precise and small enough to do the job.


This new version now includes an On-Off switch and also a 9 Volt Battery Connector with a retractable USB cord. Certainly you DO NOT want to plug this cord into any standard USB devices because it will fry them! By contrast this soldering iron is safe to operate from any standard USB port thanks to its advanced on-board electronics. A built-in white LED also helps when working in dark conditions. Heat-up times are extremely fast compared to a standard soldering iron and the power consumption from the USB port is minimal.


The USB Soldering Iron is now on sale from the GetLoFi.com/Shop for only $25.00 including free First Class USPS shipping.