Tape Sequencers from Gijs

At first when I saw the post on CDM and later on Matrix about the amazing tape sequencer I was very impressed and wanted to know how it worked. However just like anyone who ever tried navigating through that crazy Netherlandian site I quickly became disinterested. Well the news is in and judging from this thread and also from listening to the mp3 recordings, this device does appear to operate by speeding up motor of the tape player based on the resistor value for the current step. The mp3s appear to be done with a few other tracks at the same time making for not very good sample files. A great idea never to less to use the tape as a wave source, I would definitely like to hear what this would sound with a tape track that contains only one long fixed frequency tone, maybe with a few different waveforms. In that case it will sound like an instrument, however then you have to worry about the whole Envelope ADSR thing. The first unit pictured does control the speed of a Gameboy somehow, but that is still a mystery.