The naked truth

One thing I started to see a lot more of is people actually posting pictures of insides or
info detailing how they made something. This is a trend that I very much endorse and enjoy. However given that other people will now see your build’s insides it is only natural that you attempt to make them neater. Here is a gallery from the artist Phoebe aka October71 displaying some very neat keyboard modding skills along with other things of interest.
The keyboard shown is actually a square wave synth keyboard that untill now was regarded by everyone including me as a cheap block blog type not capable of very much. However this is not the case. I do have to point that even without any mods this keyboard sounds fantastic.
There are a few great resources about this keyboard like the Tablehooters site
But what takes the cake is the actual building manual for the keyboard available from its manufacturer!!!!
Totally insane info even includes sound synthesis and wave theory!
And to drive it home is this page
It includes a ton of schematics for keyboards, sound generators, power supplies and others, like this function generator for instance using an XR2206 IC
Add a photo resistor and you got an optical theremin. Amazing. Thanks Phoebe you made my day. [Via Benders list]