Thomas Henry article in Nuts and Volts

For those who do not already read the Nuts and Volts magazine, I suggest that now is a good time to start. Because the January issue featured an article by Thomas Henry who is a DIY synth guru with many articles on the matter. This article is a primer to analog synths with a basic guide to the essential elements like: VCAs, VCOs, VCFs, etc. There are only a couple of gripes that I can remember about this writeup. One of them was the 3 aspects of sound being: Frequency, Amplitude, and Harmonic content. I do believe that duration or the length of the sound is also an important aspect, making it the forth. However I am not even close to being an authority on synths like Thomas Henry, so I can be wrong on this. The second was an incorrect referencing of Wendy Carlos as W****r Carlos and pigeon holing Switched on Bach as the “Most Amazing” piece of music made with an analog synth, not leaving much room for exploration there. All in all felt that the article was well worth the price as a keep sake in my synth information collection. I would also suggest exploring the vast ftp resources of the Nuts and Volts website which contain previous Thomas Henry articles such as MIDI-to-Synth Interface and Building a tunable Noise generator. Enjoy.