Tiger Claw Circuit Bending Showcase review

Igloo Martian
Where to start…perhaps first by Thanking Tiger Claw Records, especially Rodney for organizing this event. Superb job on lining up the venue (The Klinic Bar), getting the performers there, and making sure that everyone felt welcome and at home. I had a blast!

The showcase kicked off with Creme Dementia packing a fistfull of theatrics complete with a facemask and a whacked, out of context social psychology 35mm slide presentation. Following close in the footsteps, the noise scapes of Igloo Martian (pictured above) were glitchy and hard, yet soothing and enjoyable. Navigating around cord lined stage with only a small flashlight it was entertaining to watch. As always Spunky Toofers rocked with a solid noise set and captivated the audience with the stage presence and a talkbox like drum synth. An unexpected late addition to the bill included Steve Glitch who while traveling lightly performed on Ableton Live loaded with all circuit bent sound samples and loops. Now for the moment that everyone’s been waiting for, Roth Mobot a circuit bent duo from Chicago finally laid their hands on a mega large table loaded with all of their gear to create sweet sweet noises. Their signature eyeball surgery was in full effect meanwhile. Last but not least Talking Computron finally stepped up to close out the bash with an Experimenta Live PA set on 2 Korg Electribes and some custom noise circuits.

But wait there is more. Fortunatelly parts of all the performers that night got video taped and are on youTube.com right now thanks to IglooMartian. I highly recommend watching every single one.

The event was also a CD release party for the new compalation out on Tiger Claw Records called “Do Not Bend” featuring most of the artists from the showcase doing their studio work.

What a great concert, huge Thanks to everyone that made it out there.