Top secret images from FoodTeam

After Ryan of Foodteam posted his bent instrument gallery on the Benders list, I was simply astounded. Wow, what an assortment of delays, reverbs, PSSs, other rackmount gear bent to oblivion. The best part was when I emailed him and asked for some inside shots of the instruments. Being nicer and less up tight then a lot of other benders he graciously responded to the request. Here is a little quote from the email with some descriptions and pointers:

“the pss-470 is my instrument of choice and is what I perform on as
FoodTeam (solo) or in the group Mystery Palace (w/ bass, drums,
vocals). I always use two of them identically rewired and in tandem.
I don’t hard sync them and there’s no midi. I match beats by ear like
a DJ. These are very stable and can take tons of abuse… and they
sound better than casios.

The cm32p has pcm cards like sound effects, ethnic, rock drums, etc..
all which can be manipulated! There’s also a chart in there vaguely
describing what each switch does.

The proverb was my older brother’s who got it when it came out in the
early 80’s. Luckily it turned out a success.

The Roland and the art operate on a 16bit pcm architecture. The
Yamaha pss stuff I believe is 12bit pcm.”

P.S. If anyone reading this is from Minnesota, check out Foodteam at a venue near you.