Toy Death USA Tour

by Austin.

Australian Band Toydeath is coming to tour the USA in FEB 2011!

Cartoonish Aussie performers Toydeath have been making music and touring since 1999.  They now bring their unique stage show to the US for the first time in February, 2011.  Toydeath exclusively uses a massive collection of hand-modified – or “circuit bent”- toys to create their music.  They perform original songs on these toys, fully decked in far-out costumes.

After several dates on the East Coast, Toydeath joins forces with the garage-rocking, circuit-bending trio CMKT 4 for four dates in the Midwest. CMKT 4 anoints the Holy Trinity of Rock ‘n’ Roll — Guitar, Bass, Drums– with a deluge of circuit-bent sounds, guitar effects and synthesizers.  CMKT 4 have been touring steadily since early 2010, putting on contact-microphone building workshops and playing rock shows.  Toydeath and CMKT 4  will be performing with a variety of other circuit bent, electronic and experimental performers:

THU FEB 17 –  Toydeath, CMKT 4, Mike Hancock – Milo Arts Center, 617 East Third Avenue, Columbus, OH  — $5, Doors 8pm, show 9pm

FRI FEB 18 – Toydeath, CMKT 4,  Ape Technology – Park Bar, 2040 Park Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226 — $5, 9pm

SAT FEB 19 – Toydeath, CMKT 4, Roth Mobot, Lord of the Yum Yum — The Viaduct Theater, 3111 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL  — $7, 10pm

SUN FEB 20 – Toydeath, CMKT 4, Roth Mobot, Los Osos Voladores — Kryptonite Music Lounge, 308 W. State St, Rockford, IL — $5, 7pm


Toydeath — Cult circuit bending band Toydeath re-appropriate children’s electronic toys and wear human-sized cartoonish costumes to create a unique stage show.

Toydeath produce live music from their tortured treasure-trove of modified toys including guitars, talking dolls and alphabet apples resulting in a surreal deluge of colour and craziness.

Toydeath is part performance, part music and features hilarious toyworld pranksters: Big Judy, GiJoe and Super Dad.

Get ready for a hyperactive hootenanny as they unleash the contents of a toy box six-year-olds would kill for!

East Coast Tour Dates:

MON FEB 7 – Toydeath – Pianos NYC, 158 Ludlow at Stanton, NY, NY 10000

THU FEB 10 – Toydeath – Heirloom Arts Theatre, 155 Main Street Suite #103, Danbury, CT

FRI FEB 11 – Toydeath – 51 3rd Street Troy, NY, 12180

SAT FEB 12 – Toydeath – 119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford Street, Lowell, MA 01851

MON FEB 14 – Toydeath – 4931 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

CMKT 4 – The circuit-bent/garage rock trio CMKT 4 hail from DeKalb, IL.  The holy trinity of rock, Guitar-Bass-Drums, slathered with a nice dollop of synthesizer and circuit-bent toy textures.  Straight-forward anthems and crunchy, bluesy numbers bleed into electronic, semi-improvised Kraut rock.  Be sure to pick up one of their hand-made Bottle-Cap Contact Microphones at the merch table!

Roth Mobot – Roth Mobot is the Chicago based Circut Bent musical duo of Tommy Stephenson and Patrick McCarthy. Roth Mobot’s “recursive jazz” controls the random juxtaposition of improvised dark ambient drones, languid melodies, randomly discovered rhythms, percussive accidents, the humorous language of toys, and common discarded electronic audio and video devices.

Apetechnology – Larger-than-life robots built to make larger-than-life clangs, thud-thud-thuds, sproings and blams that are pleasing to the eye and ear.  You must see and hear these contraptions in person for maximum appreciation of their beauty, construction and performance.

Lord of the Yum Yum –  The Lord (aka Paul Velat) is a Chicago staple, providing more smiles per gallon of free waters than any other comedic/experimental performer who scat/throat-sings classical and popular melodies, in the greater Midwestern area.  The Lord has traveled the country with his loyal roadie since 1991 for hundreds of performances live, on TV, at Birthdays.  He will leave your Happy Dial turned to Maximum for the week.

los osos voladores – los osos voladores is from Rockford Illinois. It enjoys performing live onstage for people. It enjoys it when the crowd grabs things and bangs on them. los osos voladores brings things for you to grab and bang on. los osos voladores looks forward to performing for you.los osos voladores is a grown up band and we talk about grown up things. Thank you.

Michael Duane Hancock- a self-described “sound sculptor” who performs improvisational electronic music with circuit-bent instruments. His music has been described as a mix of abstract electronica with freestyle percussion and exploratory guitar and saxophone, with strong hints of freestyle jazz, musique concrete, and motorik rhythms along with a touch of blues.

Check back for updates as the tour grows closer!