Two Shows this weekend for circuit benders to see

If you are in Midwest on Friday, be sure to check out a Circuit Bending concert featuring: Datura 1.0, Albino Ghost Monkey, Igloo Martian, Zobin, and Life as Number Five. It will take place on 5/23/2008 in LaCrosse WI at Bluffland Bloom, which is kind of like an art gallery that apparently sells home-brewing kits. Go figure! All of the artists will be worth seeing, especially since they will be on their top game after playing Bent Festival Minneapolis 3 weeks ago.

Aphotic Noise Fest @ 924 Gilman St. ALL AGES
For those on the West Coast who dig noise, please attend the Aphotic Noise Fest @ 924 Gilman Berkeley, CA 94710. ALL AGES happening on Saturday the 24th and featuring artists: Cerebral Roil and XDugef ( previously intereviewed on ) among others.

On a circuit bending note, here is something Igloo Martian just tested out. A theory of what would happen if you splice 2 MIDI cables together, will they make a sort of a Y-Splitter, ie One MIDI in -> 2 MIDI out device or will it be a waste of 2 good MIDI cables?…Yes, it worked! Not something I would encourage, but if you need a quick MIDI THRU hack and are running out of time, go for it. Please no more than 3 devices, although you may be suprized!

Here is a quick diagram:

midi y splitter hack

MT_240_MIDI_circuit bent
This sort of a splitter cable could be used to trigger the same MIDI notes on 2 different devices if they are on the same receiving channel, or different notes if they are on different channels, probably Slave clock mode will work as well, however if your intent is to do this often, I would just order a MIDI THRU box. Enjoy.