Updates: Wiring Board, T-Shirt, Circuit Bending Book, etc

A few things to report on, first of all I got my Wiring boards yesterday! Boards look great and I hope they work great as well. A few tiny annoyances however. After my payment was sent via PayPal I got no confirmation what-so-ever. No tracking or shipping date, rather unexpected in the todays world of buyer/seller communications. I ended up paying $28 for shipping from Canada I believe. The boards came in a plastic bag wrapped in some cardboard for protection. Granted that’s all they probably need, I still don’t see how the shipping was so expensive! Oh well for any of you thinking about ordering, my advice would be split the shipping with someone else. That would bring the price down to a reasonable amount.

Over all I am very pleased and as a matter of fact one board is sitting next to me blinking its yellow status light as I am typing this. Sweet Sweet Wiring Board! Now if I can only figure out how to program you! I guess I’m gonna have to learn processing.org language. Anyways I got some great ideas for this so hang tite.

The second thing I want to report on is my T-Shirt store. I got my www.makesynthsnotwar.com shirt in the mail today, it looks good. However it is quite thin, must be the actual shirt style, I decided to splurge on the 100% Organic Cotton. The shirts also seemed to have gotten mention all over the place including Musicthing, MatrixSynth, and CreateDigitalMusic. However I am yet to get a single order at my store!!!!WTF? I mean come on. What does it take……

Last note, the Circuit Bending book is not here yet! Fucking Amazon! Getting my hopes up and not delivering on time! Well I hope that my book recommendations generate some revenue to help me feed my DIY monkey.