V-Tech VideoPainter Bending

Inspired by the bent instrument included in the Arc Angel email I decided to do more research on the V-Tech Video Painter which seems to be an obvious choice for video glitch bending. Fortunately there are few of them on ebay and also something called the Master Video Painter. The model currently in production called the V.Smile Studio comes with a street price of $29.99 ( $49.99 for next up version ) and most likely offers similar bending possibilities. From the photo above all I can tell is that there are touch contacts on the painter causing the glitches on the screen, in turn driving another possibly audio device that is feed by the optical sensors from glitches created. If anyone has more info please let me know. I do have one V-Tech Video Painter on the way to make board scans and bend in the near future.
Cappy aka Sailor Mouth has sent me this translation,
“From a rough translation of the description on the video painter page
The photoresistors on the small TV are generating random audio signal from the “snow”. The yellow box is a sequencer which feeds the audio signal to the video painter which generates a random visual signal on the big TV. He is looking for a zen state between chaos and order in the digital device. ”