Weller Cordless soldering iron

Holly Crap this thing is sweet! Today I saw these 6 Watt cordless soldering irons at my local hardware chain on sale for $10.49 and had give one a whirl. Impressed was I indeed. After initial 15 seconds of holding down the button the tip got very hot and melted huge blobs of solder with no sweat at 900 Degrees. The package says that it will do about 120 joints on 3 AA batteries, which is quite a bit really, but those kinds of specs are always overblown. To boot there is a $3 rebate from Weller until end of May. With summer coming up I would suggest for everyone to get out and work on projects outside, in parks and such. So go and check your local store for one or google for Weller BP645MP or use my Amazon link: Weller Cordless soldering iron.