Word Press Migration

Update: 8:12 AM 9/1/06

Sweetness! The RSS feed has picked back up and now in full force with the new software. Embedded MP3 player as well! Aside from a few little tweaks I think we are ready to blog!
Migration completed!

Update: 1:37 PM 8/31/06 Cheese and Crackers! I got my posts imported! What a hellish nightmare that was. For those looking to import their Blogger accounts to WordPress, take a note. Direct imports do not work for some odd reason if the publishing is done to an FTP site. I know it worked fine before in order versions of WordPress, but now it does not. Dispite being known as one of the WordPress Bugs in 2.0.3. The work around is to publish to a blogspot.com account and then to import. What a huge hassle. Took a few days to figure out. Oh well. Normal posting will resume soon, after the templates are tweaked. –CM