Your Friday Morning Circuit Bending News Digest.

Lets try this out and see how it goes. I’m gonna post a bunch of news just to catch up on whats been happening recently.

I don’t really know this website, but they seem to know about Circuit Bending festival called Bent Fest and also prefer it to “person’s face glowing in the screen of a laptop“. This year NYC, Minneapolis, and LA will provide the backdrops for a craze thats sweeping the nation.

Doctor Popular who runs Drown Radio has just dropped a CD, “Me Geek Pretty One Day“. Circuit Bending sounds mixed with a dash of Casio and Crunk. Check it out here on The SixtyOne.

looping circuit bent guitar
Circuit Bending Workshop is happening on April 15th, 2008 in Boston Area as part of the local Dorkbot. Hosted by Jimmi P Rogers who built this pretty awesome looping guitar and posted a schematic interfacing with a RadioShack recording module which uses a transistor control the record function only when a sound is made.

Ryan aka Foodteam’s band Mystery Palace is on Tour roaring through the East Part of the Country coming to a city near you. Please go see them and say sent you:

April 8 – Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar
April 9 – Detroit, MI @ Lager House
April 10 – Detroit, MI @ The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit
April 11 – Cleveland, OH @ Tower 2012
April 12 – Amherst, NH @ Prescott Tavern
April 13 – Danbury, CT @ Larry’s
April 14 – Providence, RI @ AS220
April 15 – Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
April 17 – New York, NY @ The Annex
April 19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Luna Lounge
April 20 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Mitten
April 21 – Baltimore, MD @ Lo Fi Social Club
April 22 – Washington D.C. @ The Red and the Black
April 23 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
April 29 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
May 1 – Cincinnati, OH @ The Gypsy Hut
May 2 – Chicago, IL @ The Hideout
May 3 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Art Bar

( Photo of FoodTeam By Julie Cisler taken at the LoFi Fest 2007 ) a great gallery of her work from that event is located here.



If you are in Zurich, Switzerland on April 16th-18th please check out this interesting 8-Bit SID Emulator workshop. Apparently an Amtel Microcontroller can be programmed to sound kind of like a SID chip, because well SIDs are hard to find anymore, and fit onto an Arduino Shield making it a SIDuino. Please register with for more info about the workshop.