Bend Festival North American Bonanza

Bent Circuit Bending

The 2007 Bend Festival promises to be the biggest circuit bending event yet with 3 back to back locations across the North America. Bent Los Angeles happening on April 12 – 14, then Minneapolis on April 19 – 21, and finally New York City on April 26 – 28. There is an open call going on right now for performers, workshop instructors, artists, and of course attendees. Full text here. This year I am definably making it to the Minneapolis. Yay!

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  1. Eexcellent – I’m also timing a trip to the in-laws new digs in Minneapolis to coincide with Bentfest. Hope to see you there!

  2. I have an IBM AS-400 midrange mainframe computer in my garage and a circuit bending workshop in my basement. Would you be interested in a project of trying to bend the mainframe? It would be one for the books. Make a great UTube video whether it works or not. I am in Minneapolis and will be at your workshop, but I won’t be at the Sat. eve. performance unfortunately. Give me a shout.

  3. Hey Zeitguy, glad to hear that you are coming to the workshop! See you there. As far as the mainframe goes, I’m not sure tha can be done to that. If it runs Dos then you could use it for controlling instruments, but I would use a cheap laptop instead, easier to move around. If it has a video card then that could be bent, however chances of frying it are pretty good.

    You may be better suited to just get rid of it on eBay, thats my opinion though. Cheers.

  4. is Bent Festival boosting the market?- an unbent SK-1’s opening Ebay bids at a cool $100.

  5. hardly a “fest” when i hear the word festival, and read things that pump this thing up to be the biggest thing in bending history, etc… i expect something great. a single table that held a max of 10 people for the workshops, along with a combination of oversold tickets made the workshops unworkable. that and the fact that they started late, which cut the workshops short, and ended up with a bunch of people with unfinished breadboards. it was really a disappointment. whatever happened to the big book of bends that was going to be sold there? where was casper? not to mention it was in the full on ghetto. i know it was put on by people that aren’t from LA, but they have to remember that South Central is not the best part of town for a bunch of nerds to be hangin out it. anyways, ill stop my complaining. it just failed to meet any expectations of mine and im bummin. i almost flew to new york last year to go to this, now im glad i didnt.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that, yeah that would be a bummer. The MN festival that I attended was very very awesome. There was more then 1 table, and the venue was in a hip location that was very nerd safe.

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