Sampleman – a Bender in Britain!

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I’d like to offer up some of my Bent/Avant-Experimental Noise for all the followers of GetLoFi. I record as “Sampleman” here in the U.K-many of the pieces are improvised over found sounds or other organic noises which I then muck about with. I have been recording weird stuff since I was 14 and set all the clockwork toys running at the same time in my local toyshop and recorded the result on my cassette recorder.The owner thought it was amusing! If you have the time check out the blog.There are whole albums of stuff to download-feel free.

2 thoughts on “Sampleman – a Bender in Britain!”

  1. so i went to brians site. when there are a bunch of embedded sounds in a site i like to try to click a bunch at once an make a “mix”… works well with noise…

    anyway.. go to the site and play the file The_Call. wait about 10 seconds…scroll down and also play Glitch_Tone_Variations (be sure to click play on beat)…. sounds nice together.

  2. Wow-that was quick-Mr/(or Ms) “Click-em-all”!
    Just what I was hoping would happen-cross pond collaboration(I was gonna say fertilization -but that sounds sordid!)
    If you record it and screw around with it I’d be honored to put it up.
    Keep on bending-

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