Bent Fest 2007 Minneapolis After Thoughts

Wow, I had the best time ever hanging out at the Intermedia Arts Center in Minneapolis during the Bent Fest 2007. Perfect! The people there were amazing, the performances were astonishing, and the locals made us feel welcome and at home. I talked so much that my voice is still gone.

Big thanks to everyone who showed up for the Parallel Port Interface workshop and especially big thanks to Patrick of RothMobot for jumping in and helping to wing the lecture. I’m glad things worked and the crowd was pleased!

For those who did not make it to the workshop or the festival I am positive that the videos will be on youTube shortly, pictures are already available at and and this posted to comments by Marie and Greg
I got a feeling that NYC will be good as well. Here is also some coverage of the LA festival via a podcast from

(The Above image is of Tim Kaiser’s awesome handmade instruments )

24 thoughts on “Bent Fest 2007 Minneapolis After Thoughts”

  1. I had a great time this weekend! It was great to meet all of you. Great workshop! I plan on creating a parallel port interface for some of my circuit bent creations. Definitely keep in touch.

  2. Sigh! man, that looked like fun!
    Gotta get something like this put together in the Southern states! Got an invite to the electro-music in Philly this summer, but the missus has to take some advanced Math classer this summer! Thanks CM for the photos over at flickr for us that can’t seem to get to these awesome events!

  3. Hey Mike,

    Yeah, you would’ve had a great time in MN. What is this event in Philly that you are talking about? Can you send me a website. Cheers.

  4. man… your bent fest looked pretty rad. the one in LA was far less than satisfactory. rudimentary classes without much focus. didnt even bother with the concerts i was so disappointed.

  5. i dont really know what to say here. im really so bummed out by the bent fest LA, that im at a loss for words. when you hear and read “The 2007 Bend Festival promises to be the biggest circuit bending event yet.” automatically, you think wow, finally some people have their shit together and are going to really be here to support benders across the country with a wealth of knowledge, maybe some vendors and booths, the big book of bends? uhm.. can i sue for false advertising? cuz ehhhh, ive had more eventful “bend fests” in my garage than what happened here in los angeles. some obvious advice that i guess wasnt so obvious… next time around, don’t oversell workshop tickets for the single table that seats a whopping 10 people. or at least start the workshops on time so you dont have to cut them short to utilize the single table for the next one. or, maybe even get a second table? haha. i say next time, but really i dont think ill be attending a next time. thank god im local and didnt road trip for this event.

  6. I totally understand how something wouldn’t live up to the expectations of all people, but honestly its always better to go in with lower expectations. My guess is that the local volunteers and the venue did not put on their A-Game.

    There was an open call for performers and workshops so if you feel that you have something to contribute don’t hessitate to apply. Maybe next year you can help out to make it better. LA to NYC is a long ways and Mike Rosenthal did work very hard to make this happen across the country.

  7. It was great meeting you and your lovely girlfriend over the weekend. I think I’m still smiling from all of the great performances and great people we had a chance to meet. Great job on the workshop as well….cool stuff!!

  8. Thanks Tommy it was great to meet you as well and Roth Mobot performance was an eye opening experience for us! I’ll catch you in Chicago next time we’re there. Cheers.

  9. looks like a blast CM, now i’m actually regretting not trying to make it. maybe mike and i can get together and do a mid-south bent fest. throwing great shows is actually something i know how to do well for a change (another life). is that you wearing one of my polivox shirts. i’ve always wondered what you looked like.

  10. Heh, yeah thats me I got a few others there too. A little blurry but you can still tell your design huh! My only regret is that I didnt get some GetLoFi and other synt shirts from you for same at the Fest, people would’ve dug those.

  11. It was great to meet all of you this weekend. Marie and I had a blast all weekend. We have already made a trip to axeman for parts. We took a ton of photos and Marie wrote a wrap up for her blog.

    Gerg and Marie

  12. right shirts would have been a good idea. but sato is still all boxed up. a couple months away maybe.

  13. Thanks again for showing us the ropes!
    I liked the fact that you set up the interface out in the lobby when you weren’t using it. I had fun playing with it….

    once I figured out how to turn it on….*blush*

  14. I see you met Tim Kaiser. his stuff is killer looking AND sounding! I acquired one of Tims first bent instruments via a guy in a from Va. called Skull Orchard. I was broke as all get out and was trying to raise some bread for tuition to get back into school. All I had to sell was my oddball electric stringed instruments . I had an electric mandolla, cut in the shape of a 58 flying V that dude from Skull Orchard wanted bad, but was a little shy on the cash. (about $100!). So he says i got this killer noise machine i will swap ya TO MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE! Sure, I said, not knowing that Tim had built it! I got a steel project box(looked like an old Heathkit deal) It was a bent hot keys toy drum set, you know, the ones from the 1980s with the plastic sticks? It had a modded electro harmonix small stone in the box to boot! I had no idea that it was Tims work! The odd thing was i had just picked up a book that mentioned reed Ghazalas work and decided to pick up electronics again as a way to keep from being bummed out over having to sell all of my weird electric instruments! I wanted to go back to school and use electronics in art, so it all worked out full circle! Tim has bought a spare gemini sampler and some Casio drum pads fromme me via Ebay and that’s when i realized the guy who built the original Skull Orchard noise box! Sad to say i dismembered it for parts! The eh phaser ended up in a box w/ a strobe light that made these incredible bleed over sounds.( Hfreq of the strobe messing w/the guts of the Small Stone?) Tim, being told this remained, well, “unphased” by this act, as you would suspect a fellow Exp. Music guy to be. all together a really cool guy!

  15. I have set up an FTP folder on my website for anyone who wishes to publish their photos from Bent MN 2007. If you are interested, please send an email to scott at technomf . com.

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